Run JBoss AS 7 as a service in Ubuntu


Hi, today I’m going to present a few simple steps to configure and run JBossAS 7 as a sevice.

This was tested with JBossAS 7 on Ubuntu 14.04, but it should work in other versions also.

First of all, create a file in /etc/init.d/, which is the script for the service. This folder contains all the scripts that should run on startup of a linux instance.

After that, insert the following code, which defines the start and stop commands for the service.
You should replace the variable JBOSS_HOME with your local jboss install folder.
This will run the jboss as a service using the root user, you can change the commands accordingly to run as a different user.

After this, the only thing remaining is to define when the service will start and shutdown.
Simply run the following two lines

The first line enables execution of the created file. The…

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